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It's been a while I posted jokes..Recently i post many stories all are moral ones so i thought for a change let's put jokes..So that one who are sad while reading can have a smile on their face atleast for a moment..

An 8 year old girl is talking to her mother...
Mom: What happened dear?
Daughter: Mom do I look like a witch?
Mom: No!
Daughter: Are my eyes big as toad?
Mom: No!
Daughter: Is my nose flat?
Mom: No baby!
Daughter: Am I fat like a bulldog?
Mom: You have a fine physique,you look like a doll!
Daughter: Then why people tell me that you look like your mom!!!

When I was studying... My mom called me,
But I didn't respond I was deeply involved in studies.
But she called me again and again I shouted '' Please Leave me to study.My exam is near please I want to study..I want to study"
My mom slapped me and said Stop dreaming '' Wake up and study"!!!

Wife called Mom: He fought with me again, I am coming to you
Mom: No daugher, he must pay for his mistakes I am coming to stay with you

A man spoke frantically into the phone. '' My wife is expecting and could deliver anytime soon!'' ''
Is this her first child?'' the doctor asked ''
No!'' the man shouted. ''This is her husband!''

Lawyer: Before you signed the death certificate,had you taken the pulse?
Doctor: No
Lawyer: Did you listen to the heart?
Doctor: No
Lawyer: Did you check for the breathing?
Doctor: No
Lawyer: So, when you signed the certificate you weren't actually sure he was dead, were you?
Doctor:  Well,let me put it this way..The man's brain was sitting in a jar on my desk. But I guess it's possibe  he could be out there practicing law somewhere.

Teacher: Whoever answers my question, can go home
One student throws his bag out the window
Teacher:  Who just threw that?
Student: Me! I'm going home now..

Little boy asked his mother, ''Mom, why are some of your hairs turning white?
The mother tried to use this occasion to teach the boy ,'' It is because of you, dear. Every bad action of yours will turn one of my hairs white!''
The boy replied innocently ''Now i know why my grandmother has only white hairs on her head.''

A husband and wife sleeping when suddenly the wife woke up from a bad dream, and started crying Her husband comforted her and asked why she cried, She replied: '' I had a dream that a very rich and handsome man kidnapped me from you'' Husband: It's ok dear,It is just a dream
Wife responded loudly: ''That's why I am crying"
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