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There was a large forest which was made up of different species of trees. There were mango trees, peach trees, pine trees, teakwood, rosewood and oak trees. All the trees were very beautiful to look at. They were tall and green. Few of them bore wonderful juicy fruits while others bore lovely flowers. There was just one tree among all the beautiful trees which was very ugly. This tree neither had any colorful flowers nor bore any fruits. It had hardly any leaves left on it. Its branches were also very weak. Other trees were proud of their beautiful structure and would often make fun of this tree calling it ugly.

The poor tree regarded itself as an unfortunate tree and always thought, “Why did God make me so ugly? Why didn’t God make me beautiful and healthy like the other trees?”

One day, a woodcutter went to the forest in search of wood. He saw the tree and said, “What an ugly tree it is. Its branches are so thin and the trunk is so crooked. This tree is of no use to me and decided to cut down other straight and healthy trees”

So, the woodcutter cut down all the beautiful trees and took them along. The ugly tree now thought, “God is really great. I used to blame God all the time for making me ugly while there was a great reason behind it. My ugliness in fact
saved me. Whatever God does is for our own good.”

The Creator alone knows what is best for His creation. God alone knows the wisdom behind our pain and suffering. Never question God’s plan as it is always the best.


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